Congratulations to our "Kitchen Mum," Sophia Chang, owner of Kitchener Oakland


Being a mother is no easy task, especially when your children are 30+ fledgling food entrepreneurs. That's why it's so lovely to see our amazing Kitchen Mom get the recognition she & her business deserve. Two recent articles (in East Bay Express & cover the ins & outs of owning & operating a food business and the unique experience & support that Kitchener Oakland strives to provide amongst the crowds of commercial kitchens popping up.

Be sure to check out Kitchener Oakland and some of our brilliant kitchen companions tomorrow night at Kitchener's  One Year Anniversary Pop Up! Located at 372 24th St. in Uptown Oakland, Kitchener's pop ups are not to be missed!

Cheers and congratulations to one year of bloody brilliance!


<3 The Pie Shop